NSS is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges, Universities. The cardinal principal of the NSS program is that it is organized through participation in community service; gets a sense of involvement in the task of nation building. SVPCET-NSS activities make students to be socially conscious through promoting. NSS functions effectively by conducting tree planting campaigns and blood donation camps. First Aid awareness programmes and AIDS awareness programmes are also organized. Engaging in social activity to bridge the gap between the fortunate and the less fortunate through empowerment is the main focus of NSS activity. NSS provides an excellent opportunity to the students who desire to serve the community and to develop interpersonal relationships and skills.

The various activities include:

  • Plantation of Trees.
  • Road safety Awareness program.
  • Social Awareness campaign.
  • Guest Lecture on Personality Development & Leadership Events organized/Participated.
  • Conducted essay, drawing, elocution competition.
  • Participation of essay competition.
  • Participated Inter college cultural meet.
  • Attending fire safety training program.
  • Blood Donation Camp: SVPCET has been participating regularly in blood donation camps conducted in the premises of SVPCET.