Mentor Program

A new strategy to access and motivate students has been initiated. All faculty and students of all semesters are divided into mentor-mentee. One faculty will be assigned for 10 to 15 students. They would look into assigned student’s academic progress, discuss with tutor and other faculty about their behaviour in classroom and should observe any unusual behavioural patterns and incidents.

Mentoring of the students is our top priority. Each faculty member takes keen interest to mentor students under their charge.

Students are always free to approach the teachers for any kind of guidance- personal, professional and so on. Students come with a burden and special endeavours are made to see that they get relieved of the burden.

Apart from regular presence, mentors will present in the respective counseling hours and they counsel the mentees on diverse issues ranging from some personal psychological to social and academic.

A counseling form shall be maintained for each mentees where various details like Personal Information, Previous meeting details, Academic Performance, Competitive Examination Details etc. are recorded. The mentors meet the students periodically and monitor their performance and their activities. Guidance regarding the lagging issues is provided. If need be, occasionally a meeting with the parents will be conducted