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COURSE: M.TECH                                                    BRANCH:  CSE        

YEAR & SEM:   I-I                                                     REGULATION: R18


  1. A) Discuss in detail about Electromagnetic spectrum?
  2. B) Explain various Radio propagation mechanisms?
  3. Explain the characteristics of the wireless channel?
  4. What is modulation? Explain various analog modulation techniques?
  5. Explain different digital modulation schemes?
  6. Give a brief discussion on FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, and SDMA.
  7. A) Discuss the technical issues that encountered in the design and engineering of WLANS
  8. B) Explain the goals which have to be achieved while designing WLANS?
  9. What are the Types of WLANS? Explain the components and services offered by the WLAN?
  10. Explain about IEEE 802.11 standard?
  11. Explain about HIPERLAN standard?
  12. What are the Bluetooth specifications? Explain the Bluetooth Protocol stack?
  13. A) Explain Cellular architecture?
  14. Write about Handoff?
  15. What is the wireless internet? Discuss the major issues that are to be considered for wireless internet?
  16. Explain routing in Mobile IP?
  17. Write a short note on        A) Traditional TCP    B) Snooping TCP   C) Indirect TCP     D) Mobile TCP
  18. Explain the WAP model and its protocol stack?


  1. Differentiate between cellular networks and ad hoc wireless networks?
  2. What are the applications of ad hoc wireless networks?
  3. Discuss the major issues and challenges that need to be considered when an ad hoc wireless system is to be designed?
  4. A) What is Sensor network? Discuss the issues and challenges of designing a sensor network?
  5. B) Write the applications of Sensor networks?
  6. Explain layered and clustered architectures of sensor networks?
  7. What are data dissemination and data diffusion? Explain rumor routing and sequential assignment routing algorithms?
  8. What is the objective of data gathering? Explain various routing algorithms used to implement data gathering?


  1. What are the main issues that need to be addressed while designing a MAC protocol for ad hoc wireless networks?
  2. Write in detail about media access protocol for wireless LANs (MACAW)?
  3. Explain in detail about Busy Tone Multiple Access Protocol (BTMA)?
  4. Explain MAC protocols for sensor networks?
  5. Discuss the basic mechanisms of location discovery in sensor networks?
  6. Discuss in detail about coverage problem in sensor networks?
  7. Write in detail about synchronization issues in sensor networks?
  8. Explain the security issues in sensor networks?
  9. Explain the Transport layer issues in sensor networks?


  1. Discuss the hidden and exposed terminal problems in designing a routing protocol for ad-hoc wireless sensor networks?
  2. Explain the destination sequenced distance-vector routing protocol(DSDV)?
  3. Discuss wireless routing protocol (WRP)?
  4. Discuss route establishment and route maintenance in dynamic source routing protocol?
  5. Explain the Ad Hoc on demand distance vector routing protocol?
  6. Explain in detail about core extraction distributed ad-hoc routing protocol?
  7. Describe the zone routing protocol?
  8. Discuss the optimized link state routing protocol?
  9. Explain hierarchical state routing protocol?
  10. Explain power-aware routing metrics?


  1. Explain the issues and challenges in providing QoS in ad hoc wireless networks?
  2. Write in detail about Cluster TDMA?
  3. Explain in detail about DBASE protocol?
  4. Explain about ticket based QoS routing protocol?
  5.  What are the main reasons for battery management in ad hoc wireless networks
  6.  What are the major components of batteries illustrate with basic structure?
  7.  Explain the power management scheme using a remotely activated switch?
  8.  Describe different power-based solutions at the data link layer?