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Descriptive Questions

Essay type of questions ( each question carries 10 marks)

1. What is unique about human speech?

2. What does fabricated information mean? Why is information fabricated?

3. What was the contribution of radio in this process of evolution of media?

4. Draw a timeline to show the different stages of evolution of media and the corresponding


5. What is citizen journalism? Have you ever written or presented articles for the media?

6. Who was Daniel Pearl? What happened to him?

7. What was the contribution of radio in the process of evolution of media?

8. Do you agree with the claim that news paper reading is on the decline?

9. Bring out the contribution to the top ten developments in journalism in 2000s?

Short ansers type of questions ( each question carries 2 marks)

1. What do you mean by real-time instantaneous communication?

2. Why did the invention of fasimile delivered newspaper failed?

3.Write a brief note on Media Matters?

4.What is the role of radio in the modern world?

5. Write the top ten developments in journalism in 2000s?

6. How credible is online journalism?

7. Write appropriate tense form

(a) Listen! Somebody ____________________ (knock) at the door.

(b) She ______________ (take) bread every morning

8. Find out the underline word which parts of speech.

(a) Poet after Poet praised her beauty.

(b) Dog catches thieves sometimes.

9. Find out the noun which is plural and singular.

(a) Ethics demands honesty.____________________

(b) Rickets is caused by the dificiency of vitamin – D_____________________

(c) The second innings is over.________________________

(d) Statistics is the branch of mathematics concerned with collection and intrepretation of data.




Descriptive Questions ( each question carries 10 marks)

1. What is the status of history in modern times?

2. Why do people in modern times discard history?

3. What example does the author give to prove his point about the importance of history?

4. Why does the author call the East India Company the mother of modern corporation?

5. How did the East India Company exploit India?

7. What is the emphasis of ‘our histories’ usually?

8. What are the lessons that the legacy of the East India Company can teach contemporary India

and modern corporate?

9. What is the correlation between mortality and evolution?

10. What are the questions in the modern world that the study of the past could help answer?

Short answer questions (each question carries 2 marks)

1. What is the main reason, according to the author, for our ignorance of the past?

2. What does the author mean by ‘official history?

3. What was at the core of the East India Company’s motives?

4. How does the author use statistics to demonstrate the exploitative nature of the East India Company?

5. What are the modern day corporate that are seen as being similar to the East India Company?

6. Who were the critics of the East India Company?

7. What does the author mean by ‘corporate accountability’?

8. Do corporate have a social responsibility? What is your opinion?

9. What should be done to improve ‘corporate accountability?

10. How is the study of past important to the present?

11. What is listening and write kinds of listening?

12. Write suitable verbs forms (Tenses )

(a) Sangeetha occasinally ________________ temple (visit)

(b) Salt ________________ (dissolve) in water

13. Write Synonym of the following words

(1) Ameliorates ___________________

(a) forgiveness (b) insignificant (c) improve (d) widespread

(2) Clemency _______________________–

(a) forgiveness (b) insignificant (c) capture (d) widespread






Essay type of questions ( each question carries 10 marks)

1. Why Travel is waste of time? Give your reason?

2. Draw up a list of the disadvantages of travelling.

3. Write a paragraph, describing India as a foreign tourist sees it.

4. Make a list of the two images of India, as spoken by Mark Twain.

5. What is Atithi Devo Bhava Campaign? What is the image that the campaign wishes to covey?

6. Describe the problems that discourage tourists from visiting India.

7. Describe the components of Atithi Devo Bhava.

8. Describe the travel advisory issued by the Government of USA in October 2011 against travelling in India.

9.. What does the word ‘disproportionate’ mean in this (Travel Alert: India) contest?

10. What is the reason given by the government of USA for advising their citizens against

travelling in India?

Short answer type questions. (each answer carries 2 marks)

1. What according to Mark Twain are the advantages of travelling?

2. What are the advantages of travelling according to Aldous Huxley?

3. What is a collocation? Give an example.

4. Why do you think hygiene has been listed as a trust area for training?

5. Who are the people who are to be chosen for training?

6. What are the reasons for initiating the training in specific cities listed?

http://svpcet.org/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=page7. What is the duration of the training program?

8. Who do you think gains from tourism industry, in our country?

9. Who do you think stands to lose from the development of tourism industry in our country?

10. Whom does the writer refer to as ‘host’ community?

11. What is ecotourism?

12. Write one word substitutions

(A) A person who is looking at the bright sight _______________

(a) athiest (b) thiest (c) fatalist (d) bigamy

(B) A study of stars and planets and their influence on human affairs ________________

(a) astrology (b) autocracy (c) architect (d) evology

13. Fill in the blanks with suitable word fomation (WORD FORMATION)

Exmaple : a. Aqua (water) ___AQUATIC_

b.Vis (see) _____VISIBLE, VISION AND VISUAL____________

1. Bio (life ) _________________________

2. Duc (lead, draw ) ____________________

3. Finish (end) _________________________

4. Aud (hear) ______________________



I. Essay type of questions ( each question carries 10 marks)

1. Bring out the contribution to the lesson “ The Lost Leaf”

2. What is the central theme of story “ The Lost Leaf”?

3. Justify the title “ The Lost Leaf”

4. Write your ideas and thoughts on the story “ The Lost Leaf”? Describe the characters behaviour and of O. Henry message?

5. What are the main characters in the stroy “ The Lost Leaf” ? Write something about them?

(a) Johnsy (b) Sue (c) Doctor (d) Behraman

6. What is Johnsy’s personality in the story “The Last Leaf”?

7. What is the point of view in O. Henry’s short story “The Last Leaf,” and what are the three

coincidences in this story?

8. What is the importance of the setting in “The Last Leaf”? What does it symbolize? Why did

the author choose this for the setting? How does the setting create atmosphere, mood or tone?

9. Is the medicine cure Johensy’s illness or not? Why give your reasons?

10. Elucidate the story of O.Henry’s “ The Lost Leaf”.

II. Short answer type questions. (each answer carries 2 marks)

1. In “The Last Leaf,” why does Sue call Johnsy “white mouse”?

2. Describe Johnsy’s recovery.

3. How did Sue and Johnsy become roommates in “The Last Leaf?”

4. What is the suggestion given at the end of the story “The Last Leaf”?

5. When does Johnsy become ill in “The Last Leaf”?

6.. What could be an alternate ending for “The Last Leaf” by O. Henry?

7. Conditional Clauses – provide appropriate verb form

1. If you go now, you ___________________________ the train ( catch)

2. If I see her, I __________________________________ her ( recognize)

3. If she loves him, she __________________________________ him ( marry )

4. If it were a banana, I _____________________________________ it ( eat )

8. Change in to Passive Voice

1. He has opened the box ____________________________

2. We should respect elders ____________________________



Descriptive Questions ( each question carries 10 marks)

1. Bring out the contribution to the services of Sunita Williams in space?

2. what are the achievements of Sunita Williams obtained in her life?

3. Write about Sunita Williams childhood life and education?

4. How did Sunita Williams finish her space journey? What are your feelings about her space


5.Discuss Sunita William a great space traveller? Give your reasons?

Short answer type questions. (each answer carries 2 marks)

1.Who is Sunita Williams?

2.What is Sunita Williams famous for?

3. Justify the title Sunitha Williams: A Star in Space.?

4. .How many months did Sunita William spend in space?

5. When did Sunita Williams go to space?

6. Change Direct speech into Indirect speech.

1. She said, “ He is singing well”, She said that _____________________________

2. . Ram remarked, “ What a wonderful day! _________________________________

7. Fill in the blanks with suitable phrasal verbs.

  1. His father always taught him not to ___________ those people with less. (look up to / look down on)
  2. Stop complaining and _________________________ your work! (get on with / get over)
  3. The boss wants you to __________________ your figures for this month to him. (hand out / hand in)
  4. We’re going to have to _____________________ our trip to Spain until September. (put up/ put off)