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Smart Grids (18D07104)

COURSE: M.TECH(EPS)                                                     BRANCH:  EEE        

YEAR & SEM:   I-I                                                                 REGULATION: R18


  1. (a). Write a short note on “need of electricity”?

         (b). Draw the power distribution diagram defining a1l three sections of power grid

  1. Explain the initiatives taken by Indian economy for smart grid?

  2. Differentiate the robust grid and self healing grid in detail.

  3. Describe the opportunities and challenges relate to smart grid.

  4. Describe the desirable features and characteristics of an ideal smart grid.

  5. What are forced drivers for demanding smart grid? Explain in detail?

  6. Explain the prominent international policies in smart grid presently?

  7. Define smart grid. Differentiate between conventional grid and smart grid.

  8. What is the need of smart grid? Briefly explain how smart grid is evaluated.

  9. Briefly explain the need of smart grid to present scenario.


  1. Explain how smart meter can play an important role to make a system smart.

  2. What is smart substation? Describe the different types of smart substation

  3. What is distribution management system? What is the need of distribution management system in electric power distribution system?

  4. Define Feeder Automation with its application.

  5. Explain the ideal design and the mechanism of smart energy system.

  6. Describe the driving elements of substation automation and functions of substation automation system.

  7. Explain the outage management system principles and integration requirements

  8. How a phase shifting transformer is used to control the real power flow on three – phase electricity transmission network’

  9. What are smart sensors? Define home and building automation with its application.

  10. Define smart meter and smart meter reading with its application.


  1. Give the brief description of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED).

  2. What is phasor measurement unit? Explain its features and applications of PMU in power system.

  3. Write a short note on Geographic Information System (GIS).

  4. Explain how system is monitored by Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED).

  5. Explain how system is protected by Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED)

  6. Write a short note on Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS).

  7. Write a short note on Battery & SMES.

  8. Write a short note on Pumped Hydro Energy storage.

  9. Write a short note on Compressed Air Energy storage.

  10. Write a short note on Phase Measurement Unit (PMU).


  1. Describe the issues of micro-grid interconnection with renewable energy resources.

  2. Illustrate protection and control of micro-grid in detail.

  3. Explain how Fuel cells are integrated and used in micro grid operation.

  4. Write a short note on Plastic, Organic & Thin-Film solar cells.

  5. Explain how Variable speed generators are integrated and used in micro grid operation.

  6. Explain how micro turbines are integrated and used in micro grid operation

  7. What is mean by micro-grid and what is its necessity.

  8. Explain the formation of micro-grid and its application.

  9. Explain how Captive power plants are integrated and used in micro grid operation

  10. Define the concept of micro-grid, need and its application.


  1. What are the protocols and benefits of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)?

  2. Explain in detail about the cyber security for smart grid. Describe IP based protocols.

  3. Write a short note on Cloud computing

  4. Write a short note on LAN & WAN

  5. Write a short note on HAN & NAN

  6. Write a short note on Bluetooth & Zig-Bee based communications.

  7. Write a short note on GPS & BPL

  8. Write a short note on Wi-Fi & Wi-Max based communication.

  9. Describe the various layers of Internet protocol layers

  10. What is Broadband over power line? Explain working and feature of BPL