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Research Methodology and Intellectual Property Rights (18MC0101)

COURSE: M.TECH                                                    BRANCH:  CSE & ECE & EEE

YEAR & SEM:   I-I                                                     REGULATION: R18


1. (a). Define various forms of Research? Explain the objectives of research and motivation in doing Research.
(b). Explain Ex-Post facto research
2. Differentiate between the following
(a). Applied vs Fundamental Research
(b). Quantitative vs Qualitative Research
(c).Conceptual vs Empirical Research
3. Explain briefly about the
(a). Research Approaches
(b). Significance of Research
4. Define Research Methodology? Differentiate between Research Methods vs Methodology
5. Explain briefly the importance of research and scientific methods
6. Describe briefly the Research process with neat sketch
7. Write short notes on the following
(a). Collecting the data
(b). Hypothesis
8.(a). Write briefly about good Research criteria
(b). Explain problems Encountered by Researchers in INDIA


1. Describe fully the techniques of defining a Research Problem.
2. How do you define a Research Problem? Give three examples to illustrate your answer.

3.(a). Describe briefly about selecting a Research Problem
(b). Explain the necessity of defining the problem
4. Write short notes on
(a). Experience Survey
(b). Pilot Survey
(c). Components of Research Problem
(d). Rephrasing the Research Problem
5. Explain the meaning of the following in context of Research design
(a). Extraneous variables
(b). Confounded Relationship
(c). Research Hypothesis
(d). Experimental and Control Group
(e). Treatments

6. Explain the meaning and significance of research design and also write features of a good design.
7. Discuss clearly about different research Designs.
8. Explain clearly the basic principle importance of experimental designs.


1. What is Interpretation? Why it is the necessity in Research? Explain the techniques of Interpretation.
2. (a). What Precautions should take in Interpretation?
(b). Discuss the Significance of Report Writing?
3. (a). Explain the Different Steps involved in Report Writing? Explain
(b). Describe the Layout of Research Report.
4. (a). Explain different types of Reports?
(b). Explain the Mechanism Involved in Writing a Research Report
5. (a). Explain basic Intellectual Property laws. Write the rationalization for protection of IP?
(b). Write short notes on importance of intellectual Properties.
6. Discuss various types of Intellectual Property
7. Write short notes on
(a). US patent trade office
(b). Library of congress.
8. Write briefly about International Organizations, Agencies and Treaties


1. (a). Briefly explain the functions and purpose of the trademarks
(b). Explain the Laws and Treaties governing trademarks.
2. Explain the following
(a). Trademarks (b). Service Marks
(c). Certification Marks
(d). Collective Marks
3. Write about the various steps in acquisition of trademarks rights
4. Discuss briefly about various categories of marks
5. Write Short notes on
(a). Common Law Rights (b). Federal Registration
(c). State Trademark Registrations
6. Explain various protect able matter in detail
7. Write different matters which are considered as Exclusions from Trademark protection


1. Explain Patent Laws? Write Rights under Federal Laws
2. Explain briefly about Patentability.
3. Explain about Design Patent methods.
4. Explain about Plant Patent methods.
5. (a). Explain clearly significance of double Patenting
(b). Write about Orphan Drug act.
6. Explain clearly about resources of Patent search and also explain Patent search methods.
7. Discuss clearly about Patent application process.
8. Write about proceeding Patent application
9. Write about post issuance actions of Patents.