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Embedded System Design (18PC5702)

COURSE: M.TECH(VLSID)                                                BRANCH:  ECE

YEAR & SEM:   I-I                                                                 REGULATION: R18



1. Define embedded system design? Explain about embedded system development life cycle?
2. Discuss embedded system architecture in detail?
3. Write an overview of embedded systems along with the characteristics of embedded systems?
4. Explain the concepts of memory in embedded systems with a classification of memories?
5. A. Difference between von-Neumann & Harvard Architecture.
B. Difference between RISC & CISC Processors.
6. A. Name and describe the three most common ISA models on which architectures are based?
B. Name and describe two types of ISAs that fall under each of the three ISA models
7. What do the main components of a board and the internal design of a processor have in common in reference to the von Neumann?
8. A. What is the auxiliary memory? Explain with a neat diagram?
B. List four examples of auxiliary memory.
9. What is the difference between an architecture-specific device driver and a generic device driver?
10. What is a device driver? Explain about different layers in an embedded system model?


1. Write Features of MSP430. Also, explain the architecture of MSP430 with neat block diagram?
2. A. Explain CPU Register organization of MSP430 with the neat diagram?
B. Explain different variants of MSP430?
3. Explain Instruction set of MSP430?
4. A. Explain Addressing modes of MSP430?
B. Explain different instruction formats of MSP430?
5. What are the three ways required to store functions and explain with an example?
6. Explain about interrupts in MSP430 and what happens when an interrupt is requested?
7. Discuss ISR’s in MSP430?
8. What are the different types of low power modes in MSP430?


1. Explain about parallel ports in MSP430?
2. Discuss digital inputs with one example program?
3. Explain about digital outputs with one example?
4. Draw the ranges of input and output voltages specified for various families of logic and explain in detail?
5. Discuss LCD and Explain different types of LCD’s?
6. How to drive an LCD from MSP430? Write a program to test the LCD?
7. What are the different types of timers in MSP430 and explain in detail?
8. Explain about state machine and how it is helpful for embedded systems to perform a number of tasks?
9. Draw and explain State transition diagram for setting a clock, controlled by the Mode and Advance buttons?


1. What are the three different types of communication peripherals in MSP430 and explain it briefly?
2. Explain the two ways of connecting two slaves to a single master using SPI?
3. Draw the simplified block diagram of USI in SPI mode and explain clearly?
4. Draw the Simplified block diagram of the USCI_B0 module in SPI master and explain each block clearly?
5. Discuss SDA line and SCL line in I 2 C bus with a neatthe diagram?
6.Draw the State machine for a slave I2C transmitter using the USI and explain briefly?7 .
7. Explain about asynchronous serial communication in MSP430 with fthe ormat of data?
8. What is a synchronous communication with the USCI_A? How to configure USCI_A by setting baud rate?
9.What are the other types of communication for MSP430 and explain each in detail?


1. How to enable LED using switches in MSP43 and write a program to enable LED?
2. Write a program to transmit data using UART in MSP430?
3. How to interface LCD with MSP430 and explain with a program?
4. How to configure ADC in MSP430 with a program?
5. How to configure general purpose input and output ports in MSP430? Explain with a program?
6. Write a program for interrthe upts by using timer in MSP430 and how to configure in launch pad?