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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle (18D07110)

COURSE: M.TECH(EPS)                                                     BRANCH:  CSE        

YEAR & SEM:   I-I                                                                 REGULATION: R18


1. Explain the History of hybrid vehicles?

2. Explain the history of electric vehicles?

3. Explain the Social and environmental importance of hybrid and electric vehicles?

4. Explain the Impact of modern drive-trains on energy supplies?

5. Explain the Basics of vehicle performance?

6. Explain the vehicle power source characterization with a neat diagram?

7. Explain the Transmission characteristics

        i) Gear transmission

        ii) Hydro dynamic transmission

       iii) Continuously variable transmission

8. Explain the mathematical models to describe vehicle performance?

9. Explain general description of vehicle movement and vehicle resistance?

10. Explain i) maximum speed of vehicle

               ii) Gradability

               iii) Acceleration performance


1. Explain the Basic concept of hybrid traction with a neat sketch?

2. Explain the various hybrid drive-train topologies with neat diagrams?

3. Explain the Power flow control in hybrid drive-train topologies?

4. Explain the Fuel efficiency analysis?

5. Explain the Basic concept of hybrid traction?

6. Explain the Power flow control in hybrid drive-train topologies?

7. Explain automobile power train with a neat block diagram

8. Explain the history fuel cell vehicles?

9. Explain the importance of different transportation strategies to future oil supply?

10. Explain torque coupling parallel hybrid electric drive trains?


1. Explain electric components used in hybrid and electric vehicles

2. Explain the Configuration and control of DC Motor drives

3. Explain the Configuration and control of Motor drives

4. Explain the configuration and control of Permanent Magnet Motor drives

5. Explain the Configuration and control of Switch Reluctance Motor drives?

6. Explain the drive system efficiency?

7. Explain the Steady State Characteristics of Permanent Magnet Motors

8. Explain the d q axis model of Two Phase Permanent Magnet (PM) Machine

9. Explain the the Flux Weakening Algorithm of permanent magnet machine?

10. Explain Operation of PM Machine Supplied by DC-AC Converter with 120o Mode of Operation?


1. Explain the Matching the electric machine with a neat sketch

2. Explain the internal combustion engine

3. Explain the Sizing the propulsion motor

4. Explain sizing the power electronics

5. Explain the Selecting the energy storage technology communications

6. Explain the supporting subsystems

7. Explain i) Spark Timing

             ii) Fuel/Air Equivalent Ratio

8. What are the Basic Techniques to Improve Performance, Efficiency, and Emission Characteristics?

9. Explain the Stirling Engines with a Neat Sketch?

10. Explain the Gas Turbine Engines?


1. Explain the energy management and their strategies used in hybrid and electric vehicle

2. Explain the Classification of different energy management strategies

3. Explain the Comparison of different energy management strategies

4. Explain the Implementation issues of energy strategies?

5. Explain the Topology of the full parallel hybrid electric power train?

6. Explain the dynamic programming with a neat algorithm?

7. Explain the Necessary Conditions for Optimality with Physical Interpretation?

8. Explain the Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle and Derive the Optimal Control Law?

9. Explain the Prediction of Recuperation Time Segments?

10. Explain the ECMS with Predictive Reference Signal Generator