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Innovation Center

An Innovation Centre has been established with an aim to provide a platform and mechanism for the internal & External stakeholders to interact with each other and thus to foster needs/opportunities based on innovation.

The importance of education and innovation is undisputed in helping a nation become a global leader and in maintaining its leadership. Taking into the account the diverse needs of people from across India, regional growth becomes the foundation for national development.

The SVPCET InnovationCentre nurtures innovation and encourages entrepreneurial talents among students, faculty and people of the region.The Innovation Centre seeks to build an innovation network with multiple stakeholders like Industry, other institutions, R&D Labs and others. This Centre will act as the focal point and will be able to leverage:

  • The technology R&D and problem solving strengths of the SVPCET
  • The entrepreneurial spirit of the students and faculty
  • Collaboration with local industry, NGOs and others
  • The teaching and training capabilities of the SVPCET
  • Government policy initiatives more efficiently


The Innovation Centre is instrumental in drawing up the innovation strategy power and in creating roadmaps/action plans. The following is a proposed list of activities that the Centre is envisaged to undertake:

  • Encourage students and faculty for innovation, idea generation and product development
  • Provides seed fund to transform an idea into a product
  • Arranges workshops for students and faculty in the field of entrepreneurship
  • Facilitates at least two innovative products that are socially relevant.
  • Technology transfer.
  • Entrepreneurship promotion.
  • Igniting Youth Innovation.
  • Collaboration with industry, other institution, regional and national stakeholders
  • Creation of knowledge sharing mechanisms inside the SVPCET.
  • Training and mentoring
  • Innovation awareness and outreach
  • Innovation strategy and roadmap for SVPCET.


  • Innovations from R&D
  • Innovations in business models along with products, services and delivery
  • Inclusive solutions for local, regional, national and global needs

Thus, an Innovation Centre will enable enhancements in multiple aspects while providing a better environment for innovation to flourish. Innovation Centre will act as a resource, a guide and an arm of the SVPCET to foster, facilitate and further innovation culture and spirit in the region and its stakeholders.